Sweet Lollipop Shop News Letter Volume I January 2011



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Dear Sweet Lollipop Customers,




Thank you for a great start to our new web site launched last November. By the response we saw it seems many of you really like WEBSITE-CAPTURE.jpgthe improvements we have done to the site. 

We chose to revamp the old site by switching over to a new and upcoming E-commerence software package called PrestaShop.

 While the software still have a few rough edges we found it much more flexible and easier to maintain then our old choice of Zen Cart.

We added tons of new products on the site and continue to add new stuff. Louise aka Mrs. Lollipop has been creating new products faster

 than Mr. Lollipop can take the photos and put them up on the web site! All I can say is keep checking back to see all the new products.


 Here is a quick link to check all the new products added with-in the last 30 days.















Sweet Heart Lollipops - 10 Lollipops - Valentines Sweet TreatWe have added a number of new Valentine’s Day Lollipops to our store.

What better way to show your “sweet heart” how much you love them than with a sweet heart lollipop!

In a mini size or a huge XL size!


Sweet Heart Lollipops - 10 Lollipops - Valentines Sweet Treat

Sweet Heart!  A perfect heart treat for your sweetie. Crystal Barley Lollipop in the perfect heart shape.









Single Rose - 6 Crystal Barley Hard Candy Lollipops

We created a special Opaque White Rose in Vanilla Bean flavor also available in pink Strawberry or red Cherry.

"A rose by any other name would still smell as sweet." Our largest and most beautiful Rose Lollipops showing all it's lovely petals. 2 1/4" High by 2" wide






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